Read A Book, Create A Trailer

wantread copyAs we glide into the Thanksgiving break, what better time to grab a book at the library to read.

The library and English Department invite you, NAY, challenge you to take out a book for break, read it, and then create a book trailer. To make things easy for you, we are giving you until after Christmas/New Years break to finish this relatively simple challenge.

Now, you may be asking yourself two questions:
1. What is in it for me?
2. What in the world is a book trailer?

The answer to the first question is that you get personal satisfaction from reading a book. You get to imagine a fantastic story, expand your vocabulary, become a better writer and thinker, and expand your mind a bit. All great, right? RIGHT?!

Oh, you want more? Okay, then. In addition to all the personal pleasure you get from reading a book, you’ll also get some extra credit in your English class. This could potentially swing your grade, so it is definitely worth it. Especially since this is a relatively easy assignment.

Moving on; what is a book trailer? Well, a book trailer is just like a movie trailer only for books. It’s a 90-second to two-minute video trailer promoting a book to potential readers. Here is one I created last year:

Here are some other ones:

For additional help, check out this webpage I made at my last library job!


5 thoughts on “Read A Book, Create A Trailer

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