Give ‘Em What They Want

Recently, the library sent out a survey to both the students and staff at the Upper Campus. The purpose of the student surveys was to learn about how they use the library, what they would like to see, what they like best, the sort of reader they are, etc. Fifty-five (55) students filled out the survey and the feedback was telling:

  • 67% of the students spend between 0-2 hours in the library each week. 29% spend 3-5 hours, and 4% spend 6+ hours.
  • When asked about the different ways they spend their time in the library, 76% said they come to get homework done. 38% said they also come to socialize while 35% stated that they use the library for research. 20% of the time they come to check out a book, a number I would like to increase.
  • When asked what would encourage them to use the library more, there were two overwhelming wants: more and better books AND more computers, both at 60%. Students also indicated that multimedia tools (digital cameras, video cameras, etc) would be nice.
  • How much time each week do students spend reading things outside of class? 48% said that they read between 0-2 hours a week, 39% between 3-5, and 14% more than 5 hours.
  • Conversely, 48% said that they love to read but don’t have enough time.
  • What are kids reading? In order of most to least: Action/Adventure (60%), Mystery (44%), Humor (39%), Biographies/Autobiographies (31%), and Current Events (28%). Other genres were mentioned as well.

The library also asked the students to list one thing they could change about the library. The responses were numerous but there was one request that was repeatedly listed: comfortable seating/couches.

It was nice to hear directly from the students how they used the library and what they want. The takeaways include getting more books that are engaging to students and to make the library a more comfortable place. The library is committed to both and hopes to address those things in the very near future. In fact, the library is already getting new books in, so watch this space for updates.

Click for full survey results!


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