Treasures From The Library

A few books caught my eye this morning while weeding the collection. They made me chuckle and so I thought I’d share them with you.

First is an autobiography of actress Helen Hayes called A Gift of Joy. Something caught my eye when I opened up the book to the title page. There, looking at me was the name Lewis Funke, co-author of this book. Now, I know that the umlauts are missing, but I really want to believe that this is the father, or uncle at the very least, of one Tobias Funke. Lewis is obviously involved with the acting business somehow, so it now makes 100% sense that Tobias dreams of becoming an actor.


Next up are two books that actually may be helpful the next you are at a social gathering:

A total of 102 party tricks are included within the pages of the two books. There are lots of coin, rope, and hanker-chief “feats” along with a few card and paper folding tricks to dazzle your friends and family. Mostly, though, I think the real takeaway from these books is that if you want to show off, wear bellbottoms and a neckerchief. It works for Don Knotts and Charles Nelson Reilly.



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