Online Resources

hear_ye_hear_ye1Did you know that the OVS Library offers tons of free online resources? You didn’t?! Well then, let me tell you allllllllll about them.

DatabasesThanks to the Ventura County Library System, we have access to tons of great online databases. These include the Gale Virtual Reference Library (reference books), General OneFile (back issues of periodicals), Science Online, World Book Online (encyclopedia), and many more. Just ask Mr. Brough for the password.

Online Reference: Access free dictionaries, thesauri, SAT Prep guides, atlases, and  other valuable reference materials. How? Just follow the links.

Citing and Plagiarism Help: Free and easy resources to help you avoid plagiarizing and create perfect works cited pages.

Evaluating WebsitesDiscover what makes some websites great to use for scholarly work and which ones you should pass on.

Writing TipsWant to become a better writer? Check out tips that will help you reach your fullest writing potential. Need more help? Follow the various links for more valuable tips and help.

All of these resources are available on this very blog. You can click on any of the links I just provided or look at the menu bar underneath the blog title.



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