Sometimes people give the library free books…

…all for that, we are ALWAYS grateful.

Over the past month, the OVS Library has benefited from donations from two different people. The Year of Wonders and The Golden Notebook were both generously donated by a parent of a student. I hesitate to name names because I am unsure if they want that attention, but if they are reading, THANK YOU!

The other donation came from author Daria Snadowsky. She is the author of Anatomy of a Boyfriend and its followup Anatomy of a Single Girl (not pictured because it has already been checked out!), both of which she graciously sent to the library, totally unsolicited. She also sent over a book of short stories by a variety of authors that she contributed to called Crush. THANK YOU!

As the library looks to bring in new and exciting books, donations like these are much appreciated and go a long way in fulfilling the vision that I have for this space.

So again, THANK YOU to my book donors.


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