This Old Library: Print Collection

With the periodicals done, I now turn to perhaps the most daunting project I will have here at OVS: the print collection. My plan is to go through the entire collection, fiction and non-fiction, and weed out the books that are either obsolete, don’t fit into the curriculum, and/or are damaged beyond repair. Why? Think of a garden for a moment. If you don’t maintain it, weeds creep in and overtake the garden, suffocating the plants that you want to thrive. The same thing applies to libraries. If you don’t get rid of the obsolete, irrelevant materials, they suffocate the new and exciting books. I want to let the great books that are in the OVS Library breathe a little and be picked up, read, devoured, and used by students and faculty.

I’m sure there will be some tough decisions to make when it comes to deciding whether or not to keep a book or not. I won’t get rid of anything that is relevant or used by students or faculty. It’ll be a process and it’ll take a good part of this year.

As I go through the collection, I anticipate that I’ll find some interesting, odd, and funny-because-it-is-old books that I will share with you on here.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “This Old Library: Print Collection

  1. I feel your pain. I run a secondary school library and when we renovated our library this summer I was only granted 2/3 of the shelving I needed to house my collection. So I’m weeding like mad and there is some significant grieving happening. The bright side: weeding let’s the new great stuff shine through and my collection is starting to look as shiny as my new library (now called The Learning Commons).

  2. Weeding books may be one of my most favorite things EVER! Out with the old, in with the new! Plus, it is always amazing how much great stuff gets lost in the shuffle because it is surrounded by books that need to hit the bricks.

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