This Old Library: Periodicals

The Great Periodical Purge of 2013 has been completed. Through weeding, the library was able to take two and a half shelves of old magazines and reduce it down to half a shelf. How?

For starters, most of the periodicals are available to us via General OneFile and America’s News Magazinescourtesy of the Ojai Public Library/Ventura County Library (access to these databases require a password; please see Mr. Brough for that information). Since a large chunk of our magazines are found online, there is little need to have a vast archive of print copies in the back library office. You can also access those links from this blog.

Secondly, some of the magazines we had sitting out back are not even in print publication anymore (I’m looking at you Newsweek and US News a& World Report), so we gave those the heave-ho.

Lastly, the library will still have current issues as well as some back issues. For magazines that come out monthly, the library will keep a year’s worth of past issues; for weekly/bi-weekly, the past six-months will be kept.

For a current list of magazines offered at OVS, click here.

In other news, IT’S FRIDAY!


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