This Old Library: Periodicals

Welcome to a new weekly-ish segment of the blog called This Old Library, a series that discusses a project the library is undertaking in the ongoing effort to turn the old into new.

This week of This Old Library, I will be going through back issues of periodicals, some of which date from before President Obama’s first term of presidency, and getting rid of a bunch. Just look:

As you can see, there are A LOT of back issues! One of the most difficult things a librarian has to do is determine what stays in the collection and what gets the boot. We have to ask ourselves, “Are these being used?” and “Does this fit into the library’s collection?” Oftentimes, people think libraries should be these archives of EVERY SINGLE THING and that they are crypts where old books get stored.


As I’ve said beforelibraries are living things that change as the needs of its users change. If students and teachers are not using old issues of periodicals, why have them? If they are more easily accessed online, why have print copies?

Stayed tuned later this week for pictures of the Great Periodical Purge of 2013.


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