No Grumpy Cats

Today is school picture day which is being held in the library. As I sit at a table and help process kids, it has allowed me to not only put names to faces and faces to names, but I have also talked to a few about things they like. Topics include, but are not limited to, favorite subreddits, braiding hair, overalls, 

While not academically grounded, these types of casual conversations are important. They provide me with a better understanding of what students are really into and as a result, give me a better idea of what this library needs to be and what sort of materials need to be made available.

And the fact that half the library is inaccessible because of photo equipment? No biggie. Libraries are no longer just a place for books. Instead, they are a central meeting place for the community it serves, in this case, the OVS Upper School where events, gatherings, and, yes, photo shoots happen.

I hope everyone is going to be okay and get used to the idea of the library becoming more than just a…library because I am.

In the meantime, I better not see any grumpy cats in the OVS directory this year.


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