Hey, what is this thing and what the WHAT is going on in the library?

Oh, hi!

Welcome to…Oh, Hi!, a blog about what is happening in the library at the Ojai Valley School, Upper Campus. Let me first introduce myself, as I am new to not only you, but to the great state of California. My name is Mr. Brough, pronounced “bro”. No, I’m not joking and yes, I’ve probably heard whatever “bro” phrase you are thinking of at the moment. But hey, lay it on me; I’m always up for hearing something new.

Anyways, back to who I am. I’m Mr. Brough and I’m your friendly school librarian. I came here from New Hampshire and am looking forward to making the library one of the hippest and happening places on campus. No, seriously, I am. WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!

So, the library and this blog. You may have noticed that the library has undergone some cosmetic changes. Refinished desks and chairs, new doors, a fancy wall with a window, and one or two other things. You may also notice that things look a bit disheveled at the moment.

Just look at these photos, will ya:

As you can see, things are happening and will continue to keep happening. That is the main point of this blog. I will be chronicling the changes at the library as we attempt to bring it flying into the 21st century. I will also be posting news, events, maybe some book reviews and book trailers, photos, and all sorts of other interesting things.

And best yet, you can help! I want to hear from each and every one of you and get a sense of what YOU want the library to be and what sort of things YOU want in the library. Come by and let’s talk, okay?

Remember, not every high school student has a library with this view:

So let’s do this like Brutus! Onwards and upwards!


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